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I don't understand what you mean when you refer to "controlled variations" in welding current. Is this a TIG welder?

Our welding generator is a constant (average) current device, with the output current flow electronically controlled. The frequency of our proprietary weld quality enhancing variations (US & foreign patents pending) is not regular, but a portion of the wave form is based on the speed at which the power generator generator turns -- other variations are cued and produced based on conditions of output current demand and arc condition.

Our output current and voltage variations typically occur at a rate that is so rapid that these variations are not noticeable by the operator except by an audible harmonic produced from within the weld arc/puddle and by what is described by people who have used the ZENA system as "a very smooth feel" when welding.

Other user noticeable benefits reported by users are that the system is very tolerant of arc length variations (ideal working arc length for many rods is equal to approximately the rod diameter -- the ZENA system produces good results with working arc lengths from 0 to two times the rod diameter). Further, when using some types of welding rod with the ZENA system, the rod tip can be immersed in the puddle and or “dragged” along the work piece surface without loosing an arc. (With this said, we still recommend that our less experienced customers follow the welding rod manufacturer's specifications for guidance when using a specific rod.)

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