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I want a welder for my tractor. Is the MW150 what I need? Do I need any accessories?

The MW150 is our basic 150A, 100% duty welder and it is most often used, without the need for other/additional accessories, for tractor, stand-alone engine, and marine applications.

However, bracketing accessories such as the A300, A300A, A215, A210, and TBUCK are often used in these types of installations to save time and/or to make the installation process a bit simpler.

With some larger HP tractors, the owners sometime opt to install a larger than stock diameter crank pulley (or fit a large pulley -- such as our Add-A-Pulley power take off accessory -- in front of the stock crank pulley) to achieve low engine speed welding. (Feel free to call us for advice on this.)

By adding a external voltage regulator, and doing a little extra wiring, you can also use your welder as a high-current, automatic, quick charging system. (Nice to have on those cold days when one of your farm vehicles starts the day with a dead battery.)

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