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Do you have information regarding using the ZENA welder as a MIG or TIG power source?

The ZENA system can provide an excellent power source for either MIG or TIG welding. However, we do not manufacture our own MIG spool gun, MIG spool feeder, or TIG torch accessory at this time.

Usable spool guns and torches are available from various suppliers, such as Tweco, HTP, Miller, and Lincoln Electric. We do, however, provide adapter kits which enable top quality spool feeders, spool guns, and even TIG torch rigs to work with the DC power supplied by a ZENA power generator. Call us for more information.

For example, when using the ZENA system and spool gun adapter with commercially available portable MIG spool guns (like the one made by HTP) the spool gun is connected to the ZENA system adapter which provides both proper current for the spool feeder motor AND a special power control interface accessory that provides ON/OFF control of welder power coordinated with the switch on the spool gun.

When setting up a system to work as a supply for a TIG torch, as with the spool gun, some extra electronic switching is necessary (in this case to handle gas flow) -- and power control is by means of a foot switch. However, since the ZENA system does not supply a high voltage starting spark, the TIG arc must be started by "scratching".

With this said, you should also consider that gas shielded welding, particularly with TIG, in windy or wet or dirty conditions is usually difficult -- with possibly poor results. Welding in these conditions is better accomplished with a stick welder -- a key reason (along with simplicity/reliability) why the ZENA welding system is configured primarily as a DC stick welder.

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