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"ultra light -- but ready for commercial wire feed welding applications"

The ZENA model ZRW10K.CS MIG torch kit combines the ZENA model SGPS spool gun power supply with a special version of a ReadyWelder II model 10000CS spool gun which is built to our specifications by ReadyWelder.

This MIG welding kit is the perfect equipment choice for ZENA welding system owners who want to add aluminum* and/or steel MIG welding capability to their "bag of tricks" and who do not currently own a spool gun.

In addition to working with all ZENA welding systems, the model RW10K.CS can also be powered from any CV (constant voltage) or CC (constant current) DC welder!

ZENA model RW10K.CSZ
(shown with optional accessory items)

And, in an emergency, you can even use a pair of 12V batteries to power your MIG torch kit.

The ReadyWelder model 10000CS spool gun was developed by the folks at ReadyWelder for US Navy who required "cold start" functionality for their application. They provide this feature by using a trigger switchable high-current relay.

While we don't use the cold start switch in our RW10K.CS (the ZENA SGPS module turns off all welding current at the generator when not producing a welding arc -- completely eliminating the need for such devices), having the factory installed wiring in the spool gun's ON/OFF switch, for this function, makes for simple hookup to the SGPS.


  • In our "standard" RW10K.CS, both the ground clamp and the spool gun supply cable are hardwired to terminals in the SGPS chassis -- with all wiring connections between the ReadyWelder 10000CA and the SGPS protected by the SGPS case cover.

  • Hookup to a DC welding power source is ultra-simple and safe regulated DC power is sent to the spool gun's wire feed motor and electrical circuits, from the SGPS, regardless of welding current polarity.

  • Welding current polarity is selected by the connection of the welding leads extending from the SGPS case for hookup of the RW10K.CS to your welding power generator.

  • When controlled by the SGPS module, the ZENA welding system operates as a constant current power source.

  • To add further convenience, quick disconnects. compatible with our BJ150 series quick disconnect kits are available, as an option -- to provide a perfect way to take advantage of WSC.ES series welding cable extension segments which can be "shared" wi th your stick welding leads.

That's Not All

  • The SGPS adapter can also be used to provide a control interface for TIG welding. Let us know that you want to take advantage of this feature when you buy your new model RW10K.CS welding kit, and we'll modify the SGPS to ReadyWelder wiring so that you can easily transition from one process to the other.

  • The RW10K.CS comes. standard, with a 6' lenght of SGPS to welding power source cables. However, as with all ZENA accessories, the RW10K.CS can be configured with longer cables to suit your specific needs.

  • If you need constant voltage welding power for your application, adapters are also available that can be used to enable the production of constant voltage current from your ZENA welding system

Call 615-897-2011 now to discuss your specific application.

* To insure best results when welding aluminum, without conpromising steel welding performance, the ZENA welding system, when under SGPS module control, produces CC high frequency DC MIG welding current.  


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