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We put ALL welding controls in the handle -- just where they should be!

With the ZENA™ mobile welding system, you control all welding functions from controls built into our patented electrode holder.

There is no need to vary engine speed, nor do you have to go back and forth between the vehicle and your work to make adjustments.

With the ZENA system, it is all done with three controls (two push buttons and a dial) that are literally at your fingertips, and which make welding a real pleasure.

Our “boost” control makes it easy to start and maintain a welding arc in difficult conditions -- increasing welding current until your arc can be established.

For your safety, power is only supplied to the electrode holder when the you depress and hold the “power” push-button. Work in tight spots without accidental arcing. Change rods without getting shocked -- even while standing in water!

The power control dial precisely and instantly controls welding current (adjustments can be made while welding), and allows you to control weld penetration and quality to an unprecedented degree.

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