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Backpak Welder Info

ZENA Backpak Welder
Specifications / Features


Key Backpak Welder Features -- At-A-Glance

Six quart heavy duty, semi-transparent, roto-molded plastic fuel tank with shut off valve, vent check valve, our unique multi-position tank venting system (including drip / overflow reservoir )


  Race Tuned Exhaust System maximizes fuel economy, increases engine power and efficiency at welding speed, provides smooth performance, and reduces smoke and other engine emissions

Fully adjustable (for high altitude use) Tillotson carburetor equipped with a ZENA electronic engine speed control -- engine speeds up for welding & idles when not welding

    Powerful, easy to start, U.S. Motor Power Two-Stroke Single Cylinder Engine with internal alternator and high performance ignition system -- fully shock mounted with three levels of vibration isolated

20' welding cables equipped with the famous built-into-the electrode holder ZENA fingertip remote welding power control system

    ZENA 150A, 100% duty cycle, high frequency DC welding power generator is direct coupled to drive engine for vibration free, 100% efficient, energy transfer

Fully functional backpack frame with high quality belt and shoulder strap suspension system

    Backpack frame is equipped with an aluminum upright support bail to make it easier to put on or take off your Backpak welder AND to protect the Backpak welder components

Welder is supported during operation by vibration isolating Polyurethane "feet"


Welding cables and controls are easily stored
and supported during travel and storage by
circling engine support frame
(fixing straps are included with welder)

Almost all Backpak welder components are aircraft aluminum and stainless steel fasteners used wherever possible

150 Series Backpak Welder Specifications

Backpak Welder Models BPW150T (welder with built in fuel tank)

BPW150 (welder for use with external fuel tank)
Either model can be field converted to the other's fuel tank configuration.
Welding Generator Model Number ZENA® SR150.12
Maximum and Minimum Power Output @ 100% Duty 150 amps. maximum / 20 amps. minimum
Dimensions 20-1/2" W x 32-1/2" L x 19-1/2" H (Clear space clearance requirement -- including air cleaner)
Weight 65 lbs. (Fuel tank empty, with 20' long welding cables and backpack suspension system)
Typical Voltage Output @ Full Power w/Arc Established 22-26V Ultra High Frequency DC (Typically 18,000-21,000 pulses/controlled wave form transitions per second)
Typical Voltage Output @ Full Power w/NO Arc Established 74-78V Ultra High Frequency DC (Typically 18,000-21,000 pulses/controlled wave form transitions per second)
Min. Power Generator Shaft Speed for Maximum Output Power Approximately 7,000 RPM (Higher shaft speeds – up to approximately 10,000 rpm - have no detrimental effect on welding performance)
Engine Type / Power Single Cylinder, Two-Cycle, Gasoline
8 hp @ 7,500 rpm
(Power when using unleaded fuel with manufacturer's recommended synthetic 2-cycle engine oil at manufacturer's recommended mixing instructions)
Welding System
Engine Cooling
High Efficiency Forced Air
Engine Lubrication 2-Cycle Motor Oil Mixed with Fuel
(50:1 fuel to oil mix ratio, or less, when using manufacturer recommended synthetic oils)
NOTE: A 24:1 fuel oil mix is allowed for short- term emergency use with non-specified 2-cycle oils when recommended oils are not available)
Periodic Maintenance Requirement Welding System, None Required

Engine, None Other than Annual Spark Plug Change
Cleaning (with water and/or compressed air) may be required if operating in very dirty conditions, or if chemical contamination occurs.
DC Power for Welding System 100ma to 6A @ 12-14VDC -- generated by system engine's internal alternator. (No external power required.)
Control Circuit Protection Internal Fuses (2) in Welding Control Module

Internal Fuse (1) in Speed Control Module
(2 amp & 10 amp)

(2 amp)
Welding System Controls Internal, Electronic, Solid State, Sealed, with Built-In System Diagnostics (Built into electrode holder/welding cable assembly)
Automatic Engine Speed Control Circuits Internal, Electronic, Solid State, Sealed, with Built-In System Diagnostics (Throttle control by means of vacuum actuator assembly)
Welding Rod Sizes 1/16" to 5/32"
Welding Rod Compatibility ALL Types, AC or DC Including:
Mild Steel, Low Hydrogen Steel, Stainless, Aluminum, Nickel, Nomacast, Hard Surfacing
Limited Warranty ZENA Welding System -- 3 Years

Engine -- 1 Year by Engine Manufacturer when operated consistently with manufacturer’s engine oil (at their recommended mix) OR with Amsoil
® Dominator® 2-cycle racing oil at manufacturer's recommended 50:1 gasoline to oil mix

(The engine warranty is limited to 90 days if engine is operated with a non-synthetic 2-cycle engine oil mixed to engine manufacturers required 24:1 fuel/oil mix for this type of oil)
Place of Manufacture United States of America (Engine and Welding System)
Suggested Retail Price US$3,750 -- Model BPW150T

US$3,650 -- Model BPW150

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