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SUPER BLAST Cutting / Gouging Rods
Use Your Arc Welder to Cut Metal Without Gas

Forget about the time consuming process of grinding away old welds and/or grinding a bevel for re-welding.

These SUPERBLAST rods let you gouge and cut metal without needing a 300A+ air arc cutting rig or an acetylene cutting torch and bulky gas bottles.

We can't convert your electrode holder to a plasma torch/plasma cutter but, for field maintenance work, these SUPERBLAST rods are the next best thing to having an oxyacetylene rig or a powerful plasma cutter with you in the field!

SUPERBLAST Rod Specifications:


Air or gas free metal working electrode -- for expedient and economical grooving, beveling, and gouging without any special equipment. Replaces a cutting torch.

Current Type/Polarity:

AC or DC straight polarity

Recommended Amperage:


Rod Diameter:


Product Features:

Fastest, most economical method of removing unwanted metal.

Uses a common arc welding machine.

Saves hours of grinding and machining time.

Typical Applications:

Cut and groove cast iron

Metal cutting / gouging / piercing

Removing bolts/plow bolts

Sheet cutting and fabrication

Dismantling welded structures such as towers, sign supports, and pipe piles.

Blowing out rivets

Removing old weld overlays on railroad frogs, crossovers, and switches.

Preparing work hardened or heat treated dies for welding.

Recommended Welding Techniques:

No special equipment required, AC or DC straight polarity. The electrode is pointed in the direction of travel and the arc is initiated. For a shallow chamfer, electrode is moved quickly along line of cut. A slower or weaving motion provides a deeper groove. The molten metal is pushed ahead as the chamfer is made. For deeper grooves, procedure is repeated until the desired depth is achieved. Remove slag by chipping and brushing


1lb. box (14 rods)


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